"Childrens Hospital Donation"

"Childrens Hospital Donation"
This is the load of Baby Hats, Blankies, Teddy's Bears & Dolls we took to
Childrens Hospital In Little Rock today.. There are over 400 Baby hats...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is NOT one of my patterns. It was given to me several years ago, can't even remember who gave it to me as it has been in my files, so I'm sharing it with you. They are QUICK, EASY and FUN to make, give away or sell at craft fairs. ($1.00 per pair)..

They stay on your ears, you can twist, turn, bend over and they will stay in place without messing up your hair. Slip a pair in your purse, glove box in your car, and your ready anytime of year. This will easily become your favorite pattern and clothing item to keep on hand.. Enjoy...JMSQ

H Hook

Beginning:  Chain 3 loosely, join with sl st to form ring.
Round 1:  Ch 3(counts as first dc); 9 more dc in ring; join with sl st
to top of ch3; 10 dc.

Round 2:  *In NEXT dc, dc 5 times; sc in next dc; repeat from *
around; DO NOT JOIN. 5 sc and 5 5-dc groups.  Notice that it looks
like a flower.

Round 3:  *Chain 5, sl st in sc after first 5-dc group; repeat from *
around; DO NOT JOIN. Do not pull sl st too tight. This is to make the
back row.

Round 4:  Flip each ch-5 BEHIND its 5dc group.  6 dc around each ch-5;
sl st in each sl st; DO NOT JOIN.  Your flower part is now complete.
Finishing:  Chain 6; turn "flower" over; attach ch-6 with sl st to the
sl st directly across from it.  This will make the ear warmer cup a
bit.  You will have 2 "petals" above the ch-6 and 3 "petals" below the
ch-6.  End off and weave in ends.  

You wear them by hooking the chain-6 over your ears.

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