"Childrens Hospital Donation"

"Childrens Hospital Donation"
This is the load of Baby Hats, Blankies, Teddy's Bears & Dolls we took to
Childrens Hospital In Little Rock today.. There are over 400 Baby hats...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fan -N- Feather Blankie

Blue Blankie I made for Dianna's baby
NOTE: This is "NOT" one of my original patterns. I am sharing what I did to create this Beautiful Baby Blankie with this pattern... Enjoy... JMSQ

Green Lap-ghan I made for my Mother who loves this pattern... JMSQ

Fan & Feather Baby Blankie
Measures - 37 X 34

10 needles

CO 150 - knit 1 row then begin pattern rows of 1-4

Row 1: knit across

Row 2: k3, p across to last 3 sts, k last 3 sts

Row 3: k 3, k 2 tog (3 times), yo k1, (6 times,
      * k 2 tog (6 times), yo k1, (6 times, *Repeat
      across to last 9 sts, k 2 tog (3 times), k last 3 sts

Row 4: knit across

*** REPEAT ROW'S 1-4  (37 more times)

Knit 1 more row and BO... Tuck in tail and enjoy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rib Hat 4 Babies

                      Red Heart WW Yarn
                             8 Needles

CO 48 sts

Row's 1-30: *k2, p2 *Repeat Across

Row 31: *k3, k2 tog. *Repeat across

Row's 32, 34, 36, 38: Purl across

Row 33: *K3, k2 tog, K2, k2 tog, *Repeat across

Row 35: *K 2, k2 tog, *Repeat across

Row 37: *k2 Tog *Repeat across

Leaving Long Tail, weave through sts on needle,
pull tightly, Sew along side sew to close, tuck in tails.

The reason these hats are made in Purple is because they are for the Period Of Purple Crying Babies