"Childrens Hospital Donation"

"Childrens Hospital Donation"
This is the load of Baby Hats, Blankies, Teddy's Bears & Dolls we took to
Childrens Hospital In Little Rock today.. There are over 400 Baby hats...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anawim Wrap

                                           {In Honor of Aunt Lois}

    Anawim = Meaning

 The word Anawim (pronounced 'on-a-whim' or An-a wheem ) is Hebrew which has been translated as meaning poor, afflicted, humble or meek. They are the “faithful remnants” who, even in the worst of times find their security in the Creator. Indeed, the Anawim are all of us!

Choose the pattern of your choice {Knit or Crochet}, and use up all the left over yarn you have as you create a unique colored Wraps, Shawls, Cloths, & Pot-Holders filled with the rainbow of colors as in Joseph's coat, & filled with your beloved prayers


This little wrap was designed specifically for the elderly - particularly those confined to wheelchairs or to bed. The short length prevents it from getting caught in wheels. The shape helps keep in on the shoulders where many elderly get cold. Being open down the front makes it easy for medical personnel to access arms for blood pressure readings and such.

Materials List
12 ounces of worsted weight yarn
J & H hook's
Finished Size
Approximately 18 inches long (down the center back) and approximately 80 inches around the bottom edge

14 dc = 4 inches
8 rows = 4 inches

V stitch = 1dc, ch1, 1dc

The Pattern
With J hook, work row 1, then switch to H hook for rest of wrap

Chain 54

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 1, 2 dc in next ch, *dc in next 11 ch, v st in next ch, repeat from * 2 times, dc in next 11 ch, 2 dc in next ch, ch 1, 1 dc in each of last 2 ch, ch 2, turn (58 dc and 5 ch 1 spaces)

Row 2: dc in next dc, ch 1, 2 dc in next dc, *dc in next 13 dc, V st in ch1 space, repeat from * 2 times, dc in next 13 dc, 2 dc in next dc, ch 1, dc in last dc and in top of turning ch, ch2, turn (8 sts increased).

Rows 3 - 28: repeat row 2, following established pattern, always increasing the number of dc between V sts by 2 (each row increases by a total of 8 sts).

Row 29: dc in next dc, ch 1, skip ch 1 space, dc in next dc, *ch 1, skip 1 dc and dc in next st, repeat from * to V st in previous row, ch 1, V st in ch 1 space of V st, ch 1, skip next dc, dc in next dc repeat from * across row to last dc. Ch 1, skip ch 1 space, dc in next dc, dc in last dc and in top of turning ch, ch 2, turn

Row 30: dc in each dc and ch 1 space across, end off, weave in ends.

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