"Childrens Hospital Donation"

"Childrens Hospital Donation"
This is the load of Baby Hats, Blankies, Teddy's Bears & Dolls we took to
Childrens Hospital In Little Rock today.. There are over 400 Baby hats...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Open Blind Baby Hat

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This Baby Hat is perfect with the Open Blind Baby Blankie:
Pattern can be found Here:
Open Blind Baby Blankie (K)

8 Needles
CO 44 sts

Row's 1-8: K2, P2 across (44 sts)

Row 9: k 21 sts, k2tog, k21 (43 sts)
Row 10: k2, p39, k2 (43 sts)
Row 11: k across
Row 12: k5, p1, *k3, P1, *Repeat to last 5 sts, k last 5 sts

Row 13: k across
Row 14: k2, p39, k2
Row 15: k across
Row 16: k5, p1, *k3, P1, *Repeat to last 5 sts, k last 5 sts

*** Repeat row's 13-16 (5 more times)

Row 37:*k2tog, *repeat acorss
Row 38: P across
Row 39: K 2 tog, *Repeat across
Row 40: Purl across

***With LONG tail, weave through remaining sts on needle to close,
and whip st down sean to close hat, weave in tail