"Childrens Hospital Donation"

"Childrens Hospital Donation"
This is the load of Baby Hats, Blankies, Teddy's Bears & Dolls we took to
Childrens Hospital In Little Rock today.. There are over 400 Baby hats...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Knitted Knockers

As you can see I've been busy making some Knitted Knockers. The 4 that
are stuffed and ready to be worn. I carry with me when I'm out in public
so when someone asks what I'm knitting I can show them and offer some
to them if they are in need. The others are ready to be stuffed and shared
with other as needed.

Knockers are always free of charge and given to women who have gone
through cancer or any type of breast surgery's etc.. If your in need of a
knitted knockers there is a form on the website
http://www.knittedknockers.org to fill out and usually within a weeks
time the mail man will deliver it to you, (always completely free of charge)

If you would like to knit or crochet some knockers, there are free
patterns to download for your use also FREE of charge. Also if
you wanting to knit in the round (with 4 needles) there is a wonderful
step by step video to show you how and what to do. There is
also a 2 needle pattern for normal knitting. and yes a crochet
pattern as well.

You can make them up and give them away in your community, ~OR~
make them up and send in a box full to Barbara Demorest @
Knitted Knockers 1780 Iowa St Bellingham WA. 98229 and she and her
group of volenteers will stuff them and send them out to ladies waiting
to receive them

Knitted Knockers:

Knitted Knockers - find us on face book and join the wonderful
group of women touching other women's lives and making a
difference with our gift of love.

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